Game Viewing in Dulini Private Game Reserve

Dulini Game Reserve (formerly known as Exeter) forms part of the private Sabi Sand Game Reserve, a leopard sanctuary located adjacent to the Kruger National Park. In additional to the unusually frequent sightings of the elusive big cat, the reserve is home to an abundance of wildlife and bird species.

Exeter Game Reserve is a private part of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, a 65, 000 hectare reserve adjacent to the Kruger National Park. With no boundary fences between Sabi and the Kruger, Exeter benefits from the free-roaming wildlife that moves between the larger areas.

The Big Five can possibly be spotted during the daily game drives, while the large herds of plains game do not keep their presence hidden.

The Sand River runs through the reserve, offering lodge's exceptional landscape views and a diversity of wildlife, with the elusive leopard being the highlight of game viewing excursions. Game viewing in the reserve is a year-round activity, but optimized viewing can be experienced from March to October.The reserve is known for its frequent leopard sightings - an unusual occurrence for these naturally shy cats. Game viewing in this private game reserve is exceptional as safari vehicles are allowed to go off road to follow any spotted wildlife. Only two vehicles venture out into the bush, offering safari-goers an authentic, uninterrupted view of the abundant wildlife species.Wildlife sightings at Exeter include the big cats - leopards, lions and cheetah - and sometimes guests are lucky enough to follow these predators on their hunt for prey. A variety of antelope species include kudu, impala, waterbuck and bushbuck. Other species include the rare pangolin, buffalo, giraffe, elephant, rhino, hippo and a variety of bird life.Lodges in the Exeter Game Reserve offers guests the privilege of experiencing night game drives - an activity that is not allowed in most game reserves. Nocturnal wildlife sightings include African civet, dwarf mongoose and the admired bush baby. Predators are on the prowl after the sun sets and night drives aim to expose these majestic creatures.

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